List of Tutorial Videos

General & installation

  • How to view these videos: change size and quality
  • Installation: Import of Radar 10.5 cases


  • A General Quick tutorial -View these to get started quickly (Find, take, search, analyze, save the analysis – patient file)
  • Get started: Introduction part 1
  • Table of Contents of Remedies
  • Table of Contents of Families
  • The Repertory window: Introduction part 2
  • Repertory Views/Views buttons
  • Two Views Buttons
  • Creating a startup Document mix
  • The symptom path (in the repertory)


  • Find symptoms in the repertory (Hierarchical browsing)
    Find from current location
  • Fast Find and using Backspace
    Using the Backspace


  • Taking symptoms into a clipboard
  • Take a symptoms with cross references


  • The simple search: (part 1)
  • How to set the default search location
  • Take symptoms from search result: (part 2)
  • The simple search (overview)
  • The simple search: Using Operators
  • The simple search: Use more Search Tabs
  • Search in a: Temporary document selection
  • Search in a: Search area / Search area (shorter video)
  • Fast Search tutorial (using "?")
  • Graphical search result + several search tabs

Quick Remedy info

  • Overview of remedy searches or open a MM (part 1) (part 2)
  • Examples Remedy search (part 1)
  • Examples Remedy search (part 2)
  • Remedy search: Limit to degree or rubric size
  • Remedy search via drag and drop

Advanced Search

  • Advanced search window: Words, Remedies, Families

Advanced search & Remedy Comparison

  • Remedy comparison
  • Remedy comparison: in a search area, open a second search tab
  • Search area (version 1)
  • Search area (version 2)
  • Overview video: using the topic "warts" from Subrata Banerjea

Clipboards & Save clipboards

  • Symptom clipboards (part 1)
  • Symptom clipboards, more options (part 2)
  • Save the analysis separate (outside of the patient file)
  • Save the analysis in the patient file

The Analysis

  • General introduction analysis window
  • Show remedies excluded from the analysis (eliminative, families)

Analysis Methods (modules)

  • Vithoulkas Expert System (VES)
  • Herscu: Cycles and Segments
  • Boenninghausen Pocketbook: Polar analysis

Families & Maps

  • Family search in the repertory
  • Maps: Kingdoms (Will Taylor)
    Periodic table (Jan Scholten)

More Tools

  • Remedy Information Window
  • Languages and translation tools
  • Concepts: Veterinary – Morrison - Petrucci

References: Materia Medica, Journals, Therapeutics

  • Browse in Materia Medica, Journals, etc.

Patient file

  • Save an analysis to the patient file
  • Introduction - The patient file
  • Consultation text editor
  • Prescription and pathology fields
  • Workflow moving between tabs in RadarOpus
  • Follow up consultation
  • List of consultations & saved analyses
  • Prescription and pathologies
  • Invoices
  • Therapy evaluation

Patient search

  • Patient search

Backups and Restore

  • Making a backup


  • The Quick Search box