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"I Received the books in good condition. The packing was excellent. This time I received it almost in five days. Thank you for the excellent service."
Turai Prakash. J
"I received the Books Just now in Good Condition. Packing was also Excellent. Thank you very much for the exclusive Homeopathy Catalogue that you have sent. Best wishes for your Best Service."
Jaya Prakash
"Ive received da journal homoeopathic heritage.tha articles in da journal are quite good.ld like to thank u for da job u r doing for homoeopathy vch is very encouraging for da juniors especially for those people who r regretting for chosing homoeopathy as their carrier.i vsh u all da very best for ur future projects."
Vasundara Ghana
"Comprehensive study of Organon written by Dr. Nagendra Babu is a very good book. Provides a good knowledge and helpful to not only students but to concerned teachers also. A must buy for every homeopath!"
Dr. P.J.V.N Kumar – Asst. Professor Dr. G.G.H.M college
"I received the consignment on 31.12.2013 at 14.40 hrs. Thanks for the prompt service. Wishing you all a very happy new year!"
Dr. Chatterjee, 1st January 2014,1.48 PM, Abohar, India
"The most striking feature of the website is the quality and availability of the books. I can see a lot of changes and its really good. Keep it up."
Dr. Anoop Yadav, 6th January 2014, 4.45 PM, Ambala, India
"I was impressed with the customer service"
Neha Jindal, 4th January 2014, 10.30 AM, Mumbai, India
"Liked your new bestsellers!"
Sam Doyle, 8th January 2014, 9.58 PM, Atlanta, Georgia
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Beyond Antibiotics
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Pranic Healing
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Journey Into Jainism
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Science For All
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Lets Draw Objects
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