Dr PN Jain


Dr Prem Nath Jain was a self made man, a visionary, a karma yogi, a leader and a driving force behind B. Jain Group. B. Jain has become a global brand in Homeopathy & Publishing due to his determination and hard work.

In his early years of career he left his hometown to do a clerical job in the Human Resource Ministry in New Delhi. He would take up freelance work of typing notes for various people including some professors from a nearby Homeopathic College. From typing notes he cyclostyled them to lecture sheets which he would then sell on weekends outside the college to make extra money. His freelance work soon became a full time job and he worked with various doctors and professors to bring out their knowledge in the form of books. Dr Jain collaborated with various organisations for distribution of books, organised various events to facilitate the doctors. He was committed to bring the best homeopathic literature to each and every aspiring homeopath at the most reasonable price. He ensured that nobody had to look for another organisation for homeopathic books. He went into backward integration by setting up a state of the art printing facility back in the 1990s.

He believed in giving back to the society and created a charitable hospital for treating the underprivileged. He spent his last days running the hospital.