Mr Kuldeep Jain

Chairman, B. Jain Group

Mr Kuldeep Jain is the chairman of B. Jain Group and it is under his tenure and with his farsighted vision the publishing company which Dr Jain started expanded into various industrial sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Handicrafts and Information Technology. Mr Kuldeep Jain was the one who made BJAIN products reach people in different countries including Mexico, Brazil as early as the 1980s. He was responsible for publishing books in various international languages and forging an alliance with Archibel Belgium back in 1990.He traveled around the world where there is Homeopathy. His motto was to spread homeopathy around the world through homeopathic literature which was not easily accessible to homeopathic lovers.

Mr. Kuldeep jain attended national and international homeopathic conferences with masters more than hundred .Bjain created a milestone that anyone concerned with homeopathy on the earth may have books published by Bjain. Bjain is Committed to serve homeopathy .

He has been actively involved in various advisory roles in many government and private organisations. He is on board of various key international organisations as well.

He has been actively involved in various charity works including making homeopathy reach the underprivileged to supporting and sponsoring children’s education. He is part of various social organisations who are actively involved in supporting the people in need.